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Denver Pride face painting

Natalie diNingratComment

June 20th I went down to pride fest and set up with my peddler's license.  I really wanted to test myself and push beyond what I had been doing. For the event: I created a board, set up shop, and posted on Facebook:

Under a tree across from the state capitol! Gonna be here for a while!!! Come see me if your down here! 

I painted for a few hours before i was asked to leave. I now know that my peddlers license will not let me in to fairs and festivals hahahahaha!!!  Thank goodness I was asked to leave discreetly!! I packed up and learned a very good lesson!! 


June 21st today was the parade and I was able to be out on the street with my cart peddling! What a day.  I had my sister out with me.  We walked the whole parade and painted anyone who wanted to be painted! 

The rainbow war paint was my best seller! fast easy and cute!