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My first body painting April 26th

Natalie diNingrat3 Comments

I had such an amazing time at Fusion Factory's monthly body jam. I have never done a body painting and when I went in I was soooo nervous!!! I was invited to the jam by an amazing artist named Mythica who I met at Anomaly con.  When I arrived at fusion factory I signed in, paid my entrance fee, and was greeted by a member of the jam. While joking and listening to an explanation of the rules and procedures we decided to call him Teddy bear.  The jam is a very safe place for artists and models to go and collaborate.  I am so thankful I got there early.  Because I was one of the first to arrive I was able to pick a table right near an artist. I met Angel of Angelcake Art. She was amazing, sweet and very helpful & supportive! She had 2 models and offered me one so I could get started.  The theme was dreams. I had about 2 days to think about what I would be doing. I wanted it to wrap around her like a dream wrapping around the mind. My model's name is Audrey and it was her first time being painted.  I was very happy that she was comfortable with me and we both enjoyed the experience.  After I was done painting I walked the room to see what techniques the other artists were using.  It was so amazing to see others in their work environments.  I am so used to being the only painter when I work.  Next we had our photo shoot. Here are a few photos of my work.

body painting

Once I was done with my work the other artists helped me with a few techniques to help me improve my drop shadows.  It was a very successful event for me!  Some of the more talented artists told me that I have talent.  This allowed me to open up and be more confident.  I can't wait to see all of my local artists again!  Please comment below and tell me what you think of my first body painting.  Thank you all again for your love and support!